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10 Key Strategies

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Chantal R Wynter is employed with the federal government. By applying the strategies in her books, she advanced into her first leadership role.  As she prepared for this new chapter in her career, she began to wonder if there were any obstacles and strategies she should know about in order to prepare herself as a woman leader in government.

Chantal is a big advocate for preparation and having a plan. She set out interviewing leaders in her network, those she connected with on LinkedIn, and through her professional organizations. As she began the interviews, she thought to herself that the information she was learning would be helpful to working professionals, college students, women in government, and millennials. From this exercise, her books were born.

Her books shares insights and lessons learned from 15 high-level leaders. Readers will learn about tactics to get their first leadership role and gather actionable insights, which include:

  1. 10 strategies to advance your career within the government
  2. Essential resources to help you advance your career within the government

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