Meet Chantal

Speaker, Author, Career Coach

Chantal R Wynter is an motivational speaker, author, and career coach. She is an expert in helping women in government, college students, millennials, and young professionals obtain their first leadership positions and advance their careers once in leadership. Chantal's specialty is entry level advancement. Her methods and advice are tried and tested.

As a federal employee, she has been with her agency for over seven years, starting as a GS 7 and working her way up the ladder to management. She has been a trainer and a training manager for her division/agency for over three years helping new employees assimilate in their roles and helping employees transition from one job to another. Once Chantal was ready for leadership, she was able to advance from an Assistant Manager to a Manager within six months and is currently the youngest manager among the management staff in her office. Chantal transformed her career by implementing the strategies discussed in her books. She is inspired to help people advance in their careers as she has and lives for this passion. 

Chantal earned her Master of Business Administration at Kennesaw State University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Political Science with a minor in Management studies from Syracuse University.

Chantal is an ambitious young professional, born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies. She moved to the US at a young age and that experience has made her very adaptable and ambitious. She seeks opportunities in all shapes and forms and is motivated by challenges.

Chantal R Wynter lives by the motto that everything happens for a reason. With this motto, she remains optimistic and searches for the lessons and connections in life. She believes her books were written for a reason and hopes to inspire and help as many future leaders as possible.

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Chantal offers various career coaching packages for job seekers and those looking to advance their careers. Contact Chantal to find the package that is just right for you!